About Us

Our Company History

From Humble Beginnings to Proud Achievements

Established in 1910 by Herbert Harry Vivian Whitchurch, hence the name H.H.V. Whitchurch & Co. Ltd., Whitchurch has grown from being insurance and ships’ agents into a multifaceted and dynamic company. We employ over 200 Dominicans and are proud of our service to our country.

HHV Whitchurch Calendars

Each year HHV Whitchurch & Co Ltd produces a Calendar with photographs or artwork depicting Dominica’s history.

Drop into one of our offices and pick up your calendar today.

Why People Choose Whitchurch

Food shopping is something we all have to do, but can it be better? H.H.V Whitchurch in-store experiences have begun to mould to the modern consumer.

Quality Service

All our staff are trained and qualified to provide the best customer service.

Great Value

We understand that every customer has different needs and we aim to satisfy each one.